Elcardo Bowers

“Since I have been with Seat Academy, it has made it easy for me to discipline myself to study. The lessons and videos have helped me with the content of my work and the helpfulness of the Seat team whenever I need anything, is something to commend them on. Seat Academy has made classes/studying so much simpler and easier to do in the comfort of my own time and place or wherever I am.” – Elcardo Bowers, former SeatSA student

Carmen Cupido

“Because of home circumstances, I was unable to reach matric in order to attain my matric certificate, so I’ve had the dream of being able to do so for years. Seat Academy has provided a platform from which I am able to work towards a lifelong dream, achieving my matric certificate. The Seat Academy team has been extremely helpful in keeping me motivated to work hard to reach my end goal…” – Carmen Cupido, former SeatSA student

Fatima Bernadien

“Studying through Seat Academy has been a personal and professional challenge for me (being a wife, mother and caregiver to my elderly parents), but with the developed material and resources available to us, doing my matric after 28 years makes studying and learning so much easier. The encouragement we get from John and the rest of the Seat Academy team is awesome and their assistance in reaching my dream immeasurable. Thank you.” – Fatima Bernadien, former SeatSA student