SEAT – (Skills, Excellence, Attitude, Time)


SEAT Academy will be Africa’s leading virtual School, globally recognized as a centre of excellence, innovation and creativity.


SEAT Academy wants to contribute towards transforming Africa by educating and providing the skills required to our learners so that they are able to participate meaningfully in this process.


Seat Academy is a virtual School in South Africa providing support to parents who wish to home school their children.

Global developments including the fourth industrial revolution is changing the world of work at a rapid pace. The traditional educational system as we know it has not kept pace with the changes occurring. The current system also does not prepare our learners adequately to take advantage and make use of the opportunities presented by the fourth industrial revolution. At SEAT Academy, one of our main goals is to prepare our learners for the world of work and entrepreneurship.

English is our medium of instruction and we provide up to five choices (Of the eleven official languages) for the first additional language. We strive to provide a place for all South Africans who wish to home school their children. Our custom designed material developed by qualified South African teachers and is presented in an interactive, engaging and effective way.

Our programmes are geared towards developing young adults who are innovative, creative and independent in their thinking, who have courage, perseverance and resilience and who believe in themselves and their potential. They are also able to work effectively with others.

Our name derives from our core values and strategy – the SEAT acronym stands for:

  • S – SkillsOur strategy is to develop the skills and knowledge required by our learners for the fourth industrial revolution;
  • E – ExcellenceDevelop learners with a spirit of excellence;
  • A – AttitudeOur learners will have a can-do attitude;
  • T – TimeOur leaners will develop high levels of time management.


Mr Volkwyn started teaching at various schools and TVET colleges in Cape Town, after his studies in Commerce in 1995.

He also has experience as a Pastel Evolution Consultant and trainer; and has been involved in a number of training initiatives.

He is passionate about education and has a mission to bring quality education to all people who live in South Africa.

Nicole Geary

Operations Manager

Nicole is a University of Stellenbosch Business School Graduate, with over 14 years’ customer service experience, 10 of which she spent in management in the Banking & Retail sector.

She is an owner of two businesses which she had started from scratch, which speaks to her passion for women empowerment and uplifting her community.

She is a firm believer in education, being a lifelong learner and wanting to help those achieve their learning goals.

Her daily commitment is to help others, providing excellent customer service and by adding value to her team.

She is a married mother of two and in her spare time, loves to cook and spend time with her family

Kirsten Fourie

Head of Technical

Kirsten is one of the longest serving members of the SeatSA staff and dedicates herself to making sure everything runs smoothly. She believes that everyone has the right to a good education and the opportunity to grow in their fields.

She is passionate about helping others and giving of her best and this shows in all she does.

Kirsten is a quiet, caring and giving person and her faith and family come first in her life

A self confessed bookworm, Kirsten enjoys a good book, online gaming with her husband and cooking in her spare time.