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At SEAT Academy, we provide a passport to the future and prepare our learners for it. All our subjects are CAPS aligned. We offer 10 grades, over 25 subjects and have over 120 tutors. We are rated as one of the TOP 5 virtual-online schools in South Africa with more than 2400 learners and growing at a fast rate. We are young and innovative with years of experience in homeschooling South Africa, combined into our community.

Homeschooling South Africa

Homeschooling South Africa

Homeschooling South Africa

Why Choose Us

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Virtual Home School Support

At SEAT Academy we offer an alternative solution to parents and students who wish to continue their educational journey at home. We offer a fully CAPS aligned program from Grade R – 9 and our medium of teaching is in English.


Academic Excellence

The SEAT Academic Excellence is not only a tutoring support but so much more. We believe in building a foundation for students to grow as individuals through our learning program, which consists of small group interaction with a subject tutor and a performance coach.

Learner Management System

Teaching and learning materials for distance learning are critical to the success of the learner as they must be designed in a manner that maintains the learner’s interest to keep them motivated and continue learning towards success, with this in mind the LMS provides the perfect solution to self-learning and preparation.


The National Curriculum and Assessment Policy (CAPS) is followed in all subjects. Using CAPS curriculum makes it easy for students to transition from mainstream or public school to our online platform. 

At SEAT Academy every student counts, and there is a noticeably nurturing attitude from teachers.   

Homeschooling South Africa


Preparing our Nations Students for their Future through World Class Education

At SEAT Academy we are dedicated to providing a quality educational service through our state of the art blended online learning system  using the latest technology that is accessible to all learners in the World while striving to ensure that our learners are prepared for their successful future.

We believe that Education is the foundation of our learners journey to excellence and with the assistance of our qualified tutors we dedicate our combined experience in teaching, technology, and innovation in providing them with world class Education. Our parents can attest to the fact that we are one of the best at homeschooling South Africa

Homeschooling South Africa

World Class Education in every HOME

Our team of highly qualified tutors will provide interactive classes, structured lesson plans, progress reports and timeous feedback on homework, queries, and assignments. Our services will be of such high standards as the Seat Academy team is dedicated, passionate, and always striving for excellence through research and content development.  We will provide constructive feedback to parents to discuss students’ growth, concerns, and their learning journey.

As an academy that stands for growth and innovation, we will always look for ways to improve and better prepare our learners for their future. Combining skills training and education to build confidence and fluency so students can succeed in the classroom and beyond.

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Grade R – 9


CAPS aligned subjects

Online Virtual Classes

CAPS aligned subjects

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Homeschooling South Africa
Homeschooling South Africa

Why Blended Learning Works

Blended learning is more effective than traditional methods because learners can focus on content while using their self-paced, online material through the Learner Management System. In live sessions, the tutor can work with learners to support their unique needs and goals. No class time is wasted by covering material learners already know or that they can practice on their own. Learning is maximized with more effective and authentic learning time in each environment, to make sure we provide one of the best institutions providing homeschooling South Africa.

Our team of consultants is looking forward to assisting you. Follow us on Facebook and give us a call. We would love to give you an affordable quote today.

We are here to serve you. You can trust us to deliver on our promises. Our experts are waiting. Should you have any compliments or complaints, be sure to contact us immediately, and someone from our team will get back to you timeously.

Homeschooling South Africa

Give Your Child The Advantage They Need


Success Stories


SEAT ACADEMY – creating wonderful friendships!

Trent and Chicago have been in the same class at SEAT Academy for the past two years – so a real life visit was long overdue!

This weekend we had the privilege of Trent coming all the way from Secunda, to visit us here in Midrand, Gauteng! And what a pleasure it was, to meet a fellow SEAT family and learner.

I would certainly encourage all our learners, to try and meet up with your class friends in the future.

Lisa Ferreira

Seat Academy is really a God sent.  The tutors are amazing, the staff is totally awesome, especially Melissa you are such a lifesaver to my mum, Carmen Jasson. My brother, Daylin Jasson, simply loves this new normal way of teaching. Keep up the Good work.

Michaela Jacqueline Jasson

A friend introduced me to Seat Academy…and listen here, they took us under their wings, gave us direction, communicated via WhatsApp, they have given my daughter back her smile, our home is relaxed, and she is becoming more and more confident with each passing day. Don’t wait till you understand how this works, start with your child and learn along the way, I should have done this in January 2021. But they say it’s never too late! Thank you SEAT ACADEMY FOR BEING HERE FOR US.

Debra Morais

Frequently Asked Questions

How are exams done?

All exams and assessments are done online.  The tutor will provide a timetable as well as scope of work to be covered for each subject for the period.  The students will be required to have webcam on during this time for the tutors to invigilate as well as any other adult supervision.

Students may answer the question paper by writing the answers out and once completed it must be uploaded within the time stipulated for tutors to mark.

Does Seat Academy register student with the Dept of Education?

Parents must register Grade R-9 students must with the Department of Education as home school students.  We will provide supporting documents and the application form to the parents.

What is SEAT ACADEMY Details?

Seat Academy Online Homeschooling South Africa

Registration Number: 2016/447691/07

Office Sales number: 021 879 3280

Contact Information

Leave your details on the contact form or contact us below:

Office Number: 021 527 0052

Regus, The Colosseum, Foyer 3, 1st Floor, Century Way, Century City, Cape Town, 7441

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