Q & A

What if I don’t have a grade 9 pass?

You have to at least get an ABET Level 4 qualification.
Please click on the link below and check which is the closest community learning centre to you.


How much data do I need?

We estimate you need at least 10gb of data per month.

When do I need to register by to write in 2018?

To write in May/June 2018, we need to register you with the Department of Education in October/November 2017. Thereafter, you’ll be registered in October/November 2018 to write in May/June 2019.

Where do I write exams?

You’ll be registered to write at a Department of Education Testing Centre closest to where you live.

What if I don’t have my matric certificate or report?

To get a replacement matric certificate or statement of results, visit: https://www.careersportal.co.za/news/5798-how-to-apply-for-a-replacement-of-your-damaged-or-lost-matric-certificate.html. In order to get a copy of your report, contact your school.