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Seat Academy started in 2016. We provide Education, Training and Personal Development online programmes, which prepare people to take on the challenges as Entrepreneurs, Network Marketers, Business Owners, Leaders as well as Employees.

With the Fourth Industrial Revolution upon us, it is very important for us to become lifelong learners; in order to position us to make use of opportunities that the Fourth Industrial Revolution brings us.

Seat Academy focuses on Education, Training and Personal Development. Our Education programme includes assisting everyone busy with their Senior Certificate to prepare adequately for their matric. Our training courses are function specific. Example, we have a course on Practical Entrepreneurship, for aspirant and Early stage entrepreneurs. Furthermore, our Personal Development courses assist you to become more effective in everyday living; and we present courses such as Emotional Intelligence.

Seat Compensation Plan focuses on providing a lifelong earning opportunity. Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad Poor Day; defines an asset as something that provides an income for you when you have to do no or little work to maintain it.
The Seat Compensation Plan, is such an opportunity for you to build up an asset, which can provide an income for you and provide time and financial freedom for you. It is built around the Multi Level Marketing model; which is as proven model and the industry has created more US Dollar Millionaires than any other industry in history.

So, please join us today by clicking on the ‘Register’ Tab, where you can create your own user name and password; as well as get your own unique number that you can use to refer other people too; as well as have access to your personal dashboard where you can see how your network is growing.

Please also view the Seat Compensation Plan Video.

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